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was feeling violent

Spike walked in on Faye in the shower. She didn't notice him yet. The steam was blocking everything. Spike walked to the shower and opened the curtian. Faye stoof there barenaked, she screamed "Ah spike go away!" and she slapped him. He grabbed her hand and pushed her into the wall, he stepped into the shower. He giant breasts bounced a whole bunch. Spike removed his shirt as Faye turned to look at him. His body was built nicely though bruised from fights. He then grabbed Fayes breast adn fondled her. She didn't really say anything, just stood there dumbfounded. Spike pushed her again, down to her knees, the steam was thick but it rose to the top, down below Faye was forced to give Spike a blow job. Spike grabbed a handfull of her hair and pushed her head into is crotch. He closed his eyes and the warm shower water fell on him nicely. Spike then grinned evilly and opened his eyes. He pulled Fayes hair up to stand her up, she was naked and vonerable. He forced her body to the side of the bath tub, he kneeled down and and fucked her doggie style. Fayes boobs moved with the psuhing of her cushion. >__< Spike laughed like a madman as he caused a traffic 'jam' on the hershey highway. Faye let out small 'eee's' and 'ah's'. Spike grabbed her shoulders and pushed himself into her harder and started scratching up her back. after the anal banging he started penetrating her with a shampoo bottle *renee is laughing*.
"God faye, you sure are loose... i could fit two of these in!" he laughed and Faye started crying.
"Stop it! God please stop it", she cried and Spike slapped her ass and laughed. Faye closed her eyes and cried as foriegn objects were shoved in her.

i spelt her name f-a-y-e
and if i offended anyone.. in anyway.. why are you even rteading this!?! you freak! baaaa.. *evil teeth grinding action*
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